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Loss and love in the storm of guitars and broken glass that was the 00's UK indie music scene​

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"Giddy Stratospheres is a tragic comedy that combines bleak humour with unexpected tragedy"

Daniel and Lara, our Giddy Indie Kid Soul Mates, spiral in the centre of the storm and broken glass that was the 00's Indie Music Scene. Beautiful, mischievous and dishevelled, and on a quest for the ultimate Euphoria, Hedonism and Excitement that comes with dancing and thrashing on the front row to your new favourite song by your new favourite band. They don't miss a gig. They don't miss a beat.

After the furious joy of dancing all night to a smorgasbord of incredible live music, then the DJ playing tune after tune of massive indie hits....looms darker spells in the shadows of the after party. The laughter has gone and is replaced by closed curtains blocking the morning light and the whispered shame of over indulgence. How far can they push it, when they don't want the night to end?

Daniel and Lara, don their new boots, their perfectly scrawled eyeliner and ripped tights and indulge in a night of Pure Euphoria. Dancing on the tables in an infamous North London Live Music Pub, to their favourite band 'The Long Blondes'... One week after getting their lyrics ' Giddy Stratopsheres ' tattooed on their fingers.

At 6am they spill out of an after party to head straight to Lara's Grandmothers funeral. Lara hasn't slept and is clutching a poem she wrote when she was 10. Daniel is desperate for Lara to remember the events from the night before. Why is she in denial?

Our film, ‘Giddy Stratospheres’ is a love song to an incredibly special time for Music and Mayhem. A story of furiously loyal friendship and feral , animalistic expression. A film dressed in a beret, pencil skirt and black eyeliner, dancing to the soundtrack of the best of Noughties Indie tunes.

'Giddy Stratospheres' is a song by The Long Blondes written by Dorian Cox



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Writer, Director and Performer Laura Jean Marsh arrived in London in her late teens, wanting to be near The Music that inspired her. She spent her early 20’s as Front woman and Songwriter in Indie punk band ‘Screaming Ballerinas’ screaming into microphones and climbing amp stacks. She launched ‘The Dolly Rockers Club’: a live Indie Rock Party debuting some of the biggest bands of the UK 00's Indie Rock scene and DJ'd as part of Indie DJ Duo 'The Dolly Rockers' at every club night London had to offer. Since then she has enjoyed a career as a Screen Actor, Screen Writer and Director. Winning many awards for her work and enjoying many roles in Film and TV (@laurajeanmarsh / IMDB).

During Lockdown 2020 Laura Jean found the time to write 'Giddy Stratospheres' , a love song to the years she spent in the centre of the UK Indie Rock Universe of the 00's. A story that has been brewing in her heart for years and is now ready to be unleashed on the world. 

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